Welcome to Our Reful Meal Prep Menu

Reful is a local DFW company making ready made meals prepared with fresh and all-natural ingredients. We've partnered with Reful to bring their meals to our members/visitors to help achieve nutritional goals and provide great food. We offer breakfast, lunch/dinner, bulk and snacks. Meals are provided with nutritional information and allergens. 


How do I order Reful?

1. Visit our menu here and pick what you would like! 

2. Place your order and we'll get it ready for you.

(If you choose "Manual Payment", we'll charge the order to your account and email you the receipt.)

(Contact us if you need any help)

When do I order?

We ask our members to order anytime before Thursday and pickup will be available by Sunday at noon. Orders placed after Thursday will be rolled over and available the following Sunday.

How do I pickup my order?

Visit us after noon on Sunday and we'll have your order ready. We'll keep it cold and fresh during the week till you visit next. 

Order Again!

Visit us and order again! Keep in mind, some of our menu items change week to week. Order here!