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Cancellation/Freeze Request

This form will act as a formal request for a cancellation or freeze of said client's membership and/or service at a True Results facility.  Please provide all necessary details to complete the request.

Please note that True Results has an active 30-day notice policy for cancellations and freezes. This form will act as a legitimate formal notice for cancellation and freeze requests.  Any payments or invoices within the 30-days of this notice will need to be completed for a client's account to be cancelled or frozen.

Any accounts that initiate a cancellation during an active freeze will be required to complete 1 additional draft to comply with our 30-day notice policy.

Completing this form will NOT finalize a client's cancellation or freeze.  Steps to complete a client's cancellation or freeze will be sent via email provided or associated with client's account. 

**All outstanding charges will be required for payment prior to completing a cancellation and freeze**

Cancellation/Freeze Request Form

Your agreement number can be found in your contractual agreement with True Results. All contracts are sent via email to the specific email address associated with each account. Please contact support for further assistance if needed.

Thanks for submitting. Be on the look out for an email confirmation. Please allow 5 business days for your request to be processed.
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