Establishing a Realistic Routine

Updated: Jun 13

Figuring out a routine in our day to day life can be a hassle. Now add in exercising on top of work, kids, etc. It can get overwhelming at times and sometimes even seem impossible. Especially if you don’t enjoy the aspect of exercise. Overall living a healthy lifestyle is important for numerous reasons, that we all know or have been told. Through the past sixteen years of being in the fitness industry I have heard about every excuse, reason, issue you can think of why he or she can’t start an exercise routine. On the flip side I’ve also seen the single parent, four active children, full time job, recovering cancer patient establish a routine that works for them.

We all can find numerous reasons not to do something, but all you need is one reason to do it.

If you read our K.I.S.S blog about keeping macros simple, it applies to setting up a realistic routine as well. Figure out what days you can regularly set time aside to be able to establish a routine. I know there are times that you can do more/less but for now the main thing you are needing to establish is consistency. It is always easier to add than subtract, when you start missing days and get down on yourself. It will seem easier to find an excuse to stop. Once you establish a consistent schedule, understand there will be weeks that aren't going to work out the way you want. Don’t set yourself up for failure by trying to do too much while knowing it's more than likely too much for your plate.

Having a talk with your support system around you is very important, so they can be there for you when days are rough.

The biggest thing I want to hit on when having that conversation is making sure you give them a clear cut picture of what you are wanting to accomplish. So on those days that you are struggling they can help redirect you.

Also sitting down with a Fitness Coach can help as well because as humans we tend to over complicate things and having a Fitness Coach can help you develop a well balanced plan for yourself.

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