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The Dad Bod

I believe being a father has been one of the most rewarding but challenging things I've ever done in my life. Having the opportunity to watch your children grow and excel in life is huge. On the flip side, making stressful decisions and watching your child struggle is so difficult. The natural instinct is to step in and handle the situation but a lot of the time we have to sit back and let them learn those life lessons. Fathers have a huge leadership role when it comes to their family but also their children.

"The Dad Bod" by PJ Tracy

I've spoken with many fathers that have put themselves aside, especially when it comes to their health, so they can establish a career that can support their family. They end up exerting a lot of that time and effort into managing everything from work, family members, household duties and many other responsibilities all while putting their personal self-care on hold. It’s also a common trend for males to feel like they can always bounce back really quick while neglecting their health for long periods of time.

These actions and decisions eventually pile up and end with the man of the house in a much worse situation.

The situation: the “Dad Bod” (gaining excess weight, feeling fatigue, having high stress levels, and running into multiple health issues). Establishing simple routines for your health is going to be the best thing to keep yourself on track to be a healthy available father. I know adding something to an already busy schedule seems impossible, but once you truly look at the time wasted throughout the day you will realize you can add it. It will not only increase energy levels and decrease stress, but it will help you be more effective around the house. Not coming home exhausted, stressed and feeling like you have to force yourself to interact when all you really want to do is decompress. Setting healthy habits and routines to be healthier and more capable in the long-run will also create yourself as the example for your child to be the best version of themselves.

The concept of the “Dad Bod” is funny to me. The Dad Bod is the social acceptance of being out of shape/unhealthy. It’s tough to articulate why society puts things out there like this when ultimately if you aren't healthy, your body is being damaged, and money alone won’t be able to fix that. You’ll spend money on your health no matter what, so why not invest it into your long-term natural health, instead of it into a pill that regulates your unhealthy lifestyle?? Setting this example in your child's life is huge. It will set a standard for what being healthy, capable and able looks like. Those actions will linger and impact their kids and your grandkids to be just like you, a father with a strong work ethic, balance, and personal self care. As a Father, making sure we take care of ourselves is huge because if we don't, we won't be able to take care of anyone else.

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