True Results 1/23/2022

Welcome to True Results' first weekly updates post! Here is where we'll consolidate what an upcoming week at True Results will look like. We'll feature upcoming events, news and promotions while also highlighting some previous events too. So let's get started.

IV Hydration Therapy

Last Thursday and Saturday we had a huge turnout for IV Hydration Therapy with Primary Hydration and Wellness. With the COVID, flu, common colds and allergies, hydration therapy is able to give you a hydration boost while boosting your immune system with additive essential vitamins to help alleviate symptoms. Jaime Chalk, owner of Primary Hydration and Wellness, is a certified registered nurse that strives to make preventative wellness and self care a primary focus.

"Wellness isn't just my business - its everyone's business! I love that I have the opportunity and privilege to serve and educate others."

Here's a list of infusions available:

Primary Hydration

  • Simple hydration - helps restore fluids quickly so you get on with feeling awesome!


  • For the wellness-minded - helps rehydrate and flush out unwanted toxins to reduce inflammation and store cells. Quickly and effectively hydrate and combat fatigue from mild-moderate dehydration.

Modified Myer's

  • Designed by John Myers, MD, who used it to treat symptoms of chronic illness. The "Gold Standard" in vitamin and mineral health maintenance.

Go For Gold

  • For the dedicated athlete - helps to alleviate muscle soreness, decrease recovery time and improve performance so you can achieve your goals. Quickly and effectively hydrate and combat fatigue from mild-moderate dehydration.


  • For the beauty enthusiast - helps to reduce acne, fine lines and wrinkles. Rehydrate from the inside out and help restore tired, dry skin cells to achieve a natural glow.

Last Call

  • For when you've overindulged - helps rehydrate and flush out unwanted toxins while helping to alleviate those painful, nauseating symptoms. Feel good about your epic night!

Be Well

  • For when you're feeling under-the-weather - helps to alleviate symptoms and promote immune response so you can feel better faster. Or, just give your immune system some love!

Looking to book IV Hydration Therapy?

We also have a whole detailed list of vitamins included, add-on boosters and quick injections for easy come-and-go. Check out everything here!

Interested everything else we have to offer at True Results? Go to our home page and get started! True Results: Home Page

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