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True Results 1/30/2022

Welcome back to True Results' weekly updates post! Learn about what's coming up this week and what we did last week at True Results.

Let's talk about last week. Meet our new class:

T.R.U. Heroes

Our class is created for integrating community and to help develop our heroes to focus on healthy habits through physical movement and fitness education.

Check out our trainer, Brooks, leading our TRU Heroes class. Classes are Tuesdays and Thursdays, contact us for more details.

There's legs, then there's the Booty

Last Satur

day we held our first Booty class! Of course, in this class we focused on creating a plumped conditioned Booty. Glute activation and growth was the goal with a touch of HIIT. Interested in our next class? Here's our usual schedule:

Contact us to get started here!

What's new?

Functional nutrition is here and available! Meet our nutritionist, Stacy, at the gym! We're still working on being able to show everything she has to offer but if you'd like to book an assessment click here!

Sneak peak...

Get to know our trainers a little better!

Interested everything else we have to offer at True Results? Go to our home page and get started! True Results: Home Page

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