True Results 2/13/2022

We made it another week! Two weeks ago the icepocalypse happened "again", so we spent last week recollecting ourselves into our normal routines. We figured out we were the only gym in the area that didn't close during the freeze, so that's cool. Anyways, let's look forward into this week and what's to come!

Love for Wings

Our partners at Reful have released a new bulk item, Grilled Chicken Wings! Whether you're a fan of flats, drums, or both, you'll true love them.

Perfectly seasoned chicken wings that start off in the oven and then are finished on the grill to give them their amazing flavor!
These are naked (just salt and pepper...and the natural flavor from the grill).

If you're more than interested these grilled chicken wings, order here!

Nothing New, but...

So is there anything new happening at the facilities of True Results this week? The answer: no. BUT we're still doing our normal thing!

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