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True Results 2/28/2022

Welcome back to another week at True Results! Today we'll talk about body scanning from last week, what's to come this week and the weeks after.

DEXA Body Scans

Last week we partnered with Body Spec to bring DEXA body scanning to our clients! These scans provide information such as:

  • Body Fat Percentile Chart

  • Regional Assessment of Fat and Lean Tissue

  • Supplemental Results

  • Visceral Adipose Tissue

  • Bone Report

  • Muscle Balance Report

  • and more!

This information is very valuable when evaluating how to train, eat, and maintain throughout the day and week. Body Spec offers consultations with all clients to educate those how to read and interpret your information.

Our staff at True Results is also capable of taking advantage of client's Body Spec information and making actionable programs through fitness, wellness and medical that lead to results!

Interested in signing up for our next DEXA Body Scan on March, 16 2022? Reach out to us here!

Training and Classes

At True Results we offer a wide variety of training programs that anybody can do at all levels of commitments! Click here to learn more! Every Saturday we offer classes for anybody and everybody. Come stop by and get to work!

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