True Results 2/6/2022

Updated: Feb 18

Welcome back to True Results' weekly updates post! Hopefully you survived the snow storm this week. Learn about what's coming up this week and what we did last week at True Results.


While most places were closed, True Results was opened! It took a little bit of extra time for us to get here in the morning but we made it happen! And everyone that showed up didn't let the icepocalypse (is that a word?) stop them from their goals! Days like these, are character building days. Even our four legged friends got their daily walk in!

Another Saturday, Another Booty Class and More!

Our Saturday classes offer a variety of workouts! And they're available to everyone!

  • TRU Booty: get a plumped conditioned booty

  • Full Body: help condition your body for the weekend and beyond

  • Yoga: learn the fundamentals and get more flexible!

Contact us to get started here or just show up!

What's new?

Meet our Trainers!

Get to know our trainers a little better! Watch their short videos to learn more about them and why they started becoming a trainer! Meet the whole team here! (forewarning: the website pages might look incomplete)

Functional Nutrition

Functional nutrition is here and available! Meet our nutritionist, Stacy, at the gym! We're still working on being able to show everything she has to offer but if you'd like to book an assessment click here!

Interested everything else we have to offer at True Results? Go to our home page and get started! True Results: Home Page

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