What's Your Worth?

Updated: May 4

How many times have you asked yourself what is your worth? This question is broad but it has huge significance. The value we place on ourselves should be at its highest, especially when it involves our mental and physical health. Setting a high value for yourself will directly relate to your life in many positive ways. How we act or feel towards others is another way that your personal value is shown. By treating others in a humble, respectful, stern, and honest way shows that you hold those qualities high in your life.

Mental health is such a big topic these days in numerous ways. As a society we have placed a bigger awareness towards mental health. With that being said it has also opened more negative pathways. At times it seems the negative outweighs the positive. I don’t feel that mental health should be used as a FAD, especially in our younger generation. Now that social media has such a huge impact on everyone. It’s almost a battle of who is raising or influencing who? Your family and peers, or social media? Learning life has to do a lot with your immediate environment and exposure to life situations. Before social media, I feel we had a better hand on controlling that environment/exposure. Don’t get me wrong, having more exposure to the world for some individuals has it‘s positives. Overall the only person who knows what truly is going on in your life is “YOU”. It may be all sunshine and rainbows on the exterior, but on the interior it’s a chaotic crisis. Having strong morals, values, and a positive belief system is a must. It’s okay if you feel like you don’t know what those should look like either, there are many avenues you can seek to help determine/establish those core life fundamentals. A strong support system is crucial because we are all going to be challenged in life. I like to call some of these people my “FACT CHECKERS”, as in they are going to give it to me straight, but still be there for me. I might not always enjoy the responses, but I know they have positive intentions. The storms of life can get overwhelming and really put a load of stress on you emotionally and physically.

Physical health as we all know is another huge importance in your life. Taking care of your physical health should have just as much importance as your mental health. They truly go hand in hand together. Over the years I’ve spoken and seen many people try to bargain their way to get the best deal or fastest/easiest results. Typically going the cheapest or shorter route ends up being the cheaper and smaller result in establishing an exercise routine. Usually if the value of the program, trainer, coach, etc. is high, and essentially more work, it’s going to be the better route for you. If you look at the success rate on custom programs they almost double in comparison to the next fad exercise program, facility, or diet program. You have to put in the work consistently to get consistent results. Unfortunately, as we get older the actual work to stay in good physical shape acquires more effort. Trying to take the shortcut will end up giving you short term results, or none at all.

The value you put on yourself will show in every aspect of your life. Mental and Physical health are so correlated that if one is impacted negatively, or positively, it will impact the other. It’s vital not only to you but to your loved ones. We are walking examples of what our children, peers, etc. What type of example are you setting? Time and money plays a role in everything we do. By investing in yourself, it has been proven that your quality of life and health increase, which actually benefits you financially as well. If it doesn't it will help you handle those stressful times even better because they will come if you want or not. At True Results we want to do what's best for you and involve you in our positive supportive atmosphere. We have many different types of programs that are all customizable towards you. No matter what, you are worth the time and effort, you have every right to better you. The truth is in the results, find your truth.

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