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All Our Services

Personal Training / Classes / Online Training


True Results offers a wide variety of training services. Whether you are looking for online training or in-facility personal training, we have it. Our programs also come with other perks like progress checking, nutrition guiding. app access and more.

True Medical

True Medical is the evolution of everything True Results but now with a dedicated and proven medical weight loss program. Everything included:

  • Prescribed weight loss injection

  • Pharmaceutical grade supplementation

  • Customized nutrition planning

  • Individualized exercise program

True Medical
Meal Prep

Meal Preparation with ICON Meals


We've partnered with ICON Meals to make nutritional goals easy, effortless and enjoyable. Weekly and custom meals, snack that are chef prepared and shipped to you.  

  • USDA Certified

  • Sourcing Top Quality Products

  • Certified and Trained Chefs

  • Inspected and Certified Kitchens

Easily plan to eat clean, lose weight, and build muscle.

 Chiropractic and Sports Therapy

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Our chiropractor Dr. Dylan Lin focuses firstly on giving high quality care and getting people well to their best versions. He's highly involved in CrossFit and Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu. He's passionate about what he does and that is to get clients back to what they love doing. His services are chiropractic adjustments, manual therapies, and movement corrections.

Massage Therapy

Zen Stones

Nellie Payne offers a therapeutic, restorative massage that incorporates stretching, range of motion, and area-specific strokes. This massage can reduce recovery time for injured muscles and help reduce the change of future injury.

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IV Hydration Therapy


Our IV hydration and vitamin therapist Jaime Chalk uses IVs specifically formulated to address the most common symptoms and conditions caused by acute, mild-moderate dehydration, so you can look, feel and do good. She strives to make preventative wellness and self care a primary focus. When people are well cared for they are more capable of caring for others. 

Functional Nutrition

Lifestyle counseling

Stacey Chase is a certified integrative / functional nutritionist and health coach that takes an integrative and holistic approach. Stacey develops individualized health plans for her clients by analyzing their personal and family medical history, dietary habits, blood chemistry, medications and/or supplements, current lifestyle, and targeted goals.  As a result of working with Stacey and putting her proven plans into action, her clients have enjoyed improved lifestyles and optimized health – experiencing more energy and vitality.

IV Hydration
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