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Gym Equipments

Our Online Programs

Find your Truth online! Whether you're looking for training from the comfort of your home or away from one of our facilities, get our best training experience. Choose one of our tried and true programs or personal training programs.

2 Week Trial on US


After the trial you'll be enrolled into Online Strength and Cardio Program billed at $74.99/mo. Cancellation available any time, contact us if you'd like to switch to a our Weight-Gain and Weight-Loss Programs.

Online Personal Training

At True Results, personal training is what we made our name on. We offer a unique program on an individual and completely customized level. Together we can create a healthy lifestyle that aligns with your goals and ambitions through workouts, habits, nutrition and more. Here's everything included in each option:

  • Complete and customized certified trainer workouts for you (amount dependent on program)

    • Isolated strength training​

    • HIIT cardio

    • Workouts geared towards individual's goals

  • Wellness assessment

  • Progress reporting

  • Nutritional guidance

    • Personal macro breakdown​

    • Recommended foods/drinks for results

  • Meal Tracking (includes food library and custom meal creator)

  • Consistent and constant communication with trainers for:

    • Questions/concerns​

    • Advice

    • Check-ins

  • Additional connectivity with other devices/apps

Personal Training 3x Week

Kettlebell Workout
$424.99 (save $25)
$799.99 (save $100)

Personal Training 4x Week

Fit Man
$574.99 (save $25)
$1099.99 (save $100)

Personal Training 5x Week

High Plank
$724.99 (save $25)
$1399.99 (save $100)
Personal Training

Strength and Cardio Program

Doing Pushups

Our Strength and Cardio Program includes weekly certified trainer workouts with isolated strength training and HIIT cardio. 


(save $25)

$389.99 (save $60)

Weight-Loss Program

Lifting Kettlebells

Our Weight-Loss Program includes weekly certified trainer workouts to burn fat and build lean muscle. 


(save $25)

$389.99 (save $60)

Weight-Gain Program

Gym Workout

Our Weight-Gain Program includes weekly certified trainer workouts to build healthy muscle mass and increase strength . 


(save $25)

$389.99 (save $60)

What's included:

Different Workouts Every Day

5 Workouts per week from our Certified Trainers. Exercises will be a combination of strength and cardio

Wellness Assessment

Assess your habits, lifestyle, strengths, weakness, and goals so we can build an action plan to better help you!

Nutritional Guidelines

Get access to our insight nutrition plan building. We've partnered with specialized nutritionist to create plans that are healthy, fit lifestyles, and is good food

Meal Tracking

In our app you'll b able to track food via our food library, barcode scanner or self input. Connect with your favorite fitness apps like MyFitnessPal too

Communication with our Trainers

Have questions or concerns during your program? Easily reach out through the app and we'll get back to you!

Connectivity with Apps/Devices

Our app can support devices like smart watches and other apps to help sync body data so you get the most out of our programs!

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