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Stacey is a certified integrative / functional nutritionist and health coach who has over 20 years experience in the medical, surgical, health and wellness industries.  In addition to her Master’s in Science with specialties in Nutrition and Integrative Health, Stacey also has a BA in Industrial Psychology, an MBA and Certification from the Institute of Integrative Nutrition.  Through an integrative and holistic approach, Stacey develops individualized health plans for her clients by analyzing their personal and family medical history, dietary habits, blood chemistry, medications and/or supplements, current lifestyle, and targeted goals.  As a result of working with Stacey and putting her proven plans into action, her clients have enjoyed improved lifestyles and optimized health – experiencing more energy and vitality.

Stacey’s mission is to help others realize their maximum potential through sustaining changes in behavior, not restrictions.  In doing so, she strives for her clients to enjoy healthier, happier, more satisfying lives.  Stacey is deeply knowledgeable in how the body processes the many different foods we eat, how food affects hormones, the direct correlation between nutrition and sports fitness, and how food / supplements affect our overall health and well-being.  To ensure long-lasting results, Stacey has a proven approach for analyzing current state, defining action plans, measuring results then tracking long-term progress for sustainability. 

Your Plan to Optimal Health

FREE Consultation

Book a free consultation to learn a better understanding how functional nutrition can help you! You'll meet with Stacey to understand what she can do for you and how she'll do it with an actionable plan that is achievable!

Full Plan Breakdown


Initial Meeting

(1 Session)


$250 - True Results Clients

Comprehensive analysis

Baseline of current state health, nutrition, fitness, overall lifestyle and goals

90 - minute Detailed Assessment Review

Define Key Elements of Activate Plan

Discount for True Results clients!


1 Month

(4 Sessions Per Month)


$250 - True Results Clients

First 30 Days of Positive Change

Design and execute new lifestyle plan nutrition, fitness, sleep, stress management

45 Minutes Every Week in First Month

Help to activate changes and update plan

Weekly Review of Progress and Plan Updates

Discount for True Results clients!


2+ Months

(2 Sessions per Month)


$125/mo - True Results Clients

Build on Activate Momentum to Transform

True results happen during the achieve phase: weight loss, new muscle, increase energy

45 Minutes Every Other Week

Accountability to achieve desired results

Bi-Weekly Review of Progress and Plan Updates

Discount for True Results clients!


Ongoing Maintenance

(1 Session per Month)


$75/mo - True Results Clients

Making Habits become Automatic Behaviors

Ongoing accountability and discipline transition to long-term self management

45 Minutes Every Month

Accountability and support for nutrition and health

Discount for True Results clients!

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