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True Boxing Program

Striving for progression over perfection


Meet Your Boxing Instructor: Will 

The Framework


In these 60-minute boxing workouts first-things-first, go get your hands wrapped. Safety is always necessary.


Building a Foundation

We'll start with a dynamic warm-up to wake the body up and elevate the heart rate. As your heart rate elevates you'll be frequently reminded and coached on footwork, punching, defense, technique and more.

A Growing Skill Set

After establishing a good foundation with footwork and progressive punching combinations, you'll get the chance to improve your timing, rhythm, and skill set on the heavy bag and mitts.


With all the power that you're producing in these punching combinations your heart rate is elevating, but your muscular endurance is also increasing. We'll finish out with a core finisher and cooldown.


Heavy Bags

Technique, Footwork, and Shadow Boxing

Strength and Conditioning

Mitt Work

Core Activation

Boxing Program Options

Semi-Private Boxing

Semi-private has a capacity of five boxers. A semi-private group setting elevates the energy in the training session as well as the ability to have fun with friends and sweat. Everyone rotates between time on the bag and individual time with the coach and mitts.

Private Boxing

1 - on - 1 boxing, Geared towards the boxers technique, footwork, and endless combinations. Private boxing speaks to both the advanced boxer and the beginner. Both fighters have equal opportunities for growth in their designated boxing practices.

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